Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

Most of the year our turnaround is 1 week, so if you drop something off on Monday we will call you the next Monday to let you know it is finished.  During busy seasons, like Christmas, we may have a longer turnaround.

Can I get it sooner?

Certainly!  We offer rush orders for same day (if dropped off by noon), next day, two day, and three day.

Can you embroider this?

Usually yes.  We embroider all sorts of odd items, including suitcases, storage cubbies, toiletry organizers, stuffed animals, etc.  The best way to find out is to bring the item to the store for us to look at.

What are your prices?

Most of the embroidery we do is in the $15 range, but our prices vary depending on the stitch count of what we are sewing (i.e. how long it will take our machine to complete the embroidery) and the difficulty of getting the item into an embroidery hoop.  Specialty items, such as suitcases, cost more because we have to disassemble the embroidery table and clamp the suitcase to a hoop.

We offer discounts for multiple items which can be run on our multi-head machine at the same time.  It must be the same embroidery in the same size, but can be different colors or on different items.  This doesn’t apply to specialty items, such as suitcases, which require complex hooping.

I have a picture or sketch, can you work with that?

Definitely!  We work with an award winning local digitizer who loves taking on ambitious projects.  Whether you are looking for a logo or complex art, we can help you out.

What do you mean by “digitize”?

When we say “digitize” we mean to take your name, logo, or artwork and turn it into a file which tells our embroidery machine exactly where to put each stitch.  The term can be confusing, as a lot of people have their art in a digital format already, but even vector files require digitizing before they can be used.

I want art, but don’t have anything specific in mind.  Do you have a selection I can choose from?

We have a broad selection of art for almost any occasion.  You can view our catalog in the store, or email us a request and we will search our designs for you.  In depth searches or time intensive design consultations may require an art charge.